WhatsApp for Nokia X2-00 Download

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WhatsApp for Nokia X2-00 Download

Recently got new Nokia X2-00 phone for my sister, but she is finding it difficult to download WhatsApp which is finally released specially for this handset . As she is big fan of Apps , it is difficult to stay far from that for too long period . Please suggest some solution . I have also tried to download Apps from these site Whatsapp official site .

Have you updated your

Have you updated your firmware ? Whatsapp must not be updating because you must have not updated to latest firmware . Your firmware must not be supporting it . Visit Nokia Care , they will give you latest firmware available , then download Whatsapp through Opera Mini .

Have you gone through manual

Have you gone through manual the one you must have got with Nokia X2-00 as it helps several time to solve many doubts . kindly go to Setting then - Configuration and then click on make it "Default for all apps" . This will surely help you .

Thanks for replying me

Thanks for replying me Fooket5, i would like to tell you that i followed your procedure but eventually i was not able to get the issue fixed and hence please tell me if you know any other workaround for me. Hope you don't mind.

Download Whatsapp for Nokia X2-00

Let me tell you if yuo are now able to get this issue fixed even after downloading the app from the whatsapp official website i would suggest you to get it downloaded on your system with the help of the below WhatsApp download link. Copy the file to your cell Phone and install it on your phone. Hope this will definitely help you to get this problem resolved.