Suspecting that virus is causing many problem

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Suspecting that virus is causing many problem

I am having Windows 7 Operating System. I tried to change some firewall setting but ended receiving error message "Firewall can't change some of your settings. Error code : 0 x 800742c". Can anyone share solution on this , What should I do in order to make this error free ? Need help.

I tried to search more on

I tried to search more on this issue , but found very less information related to this. I personally have no clue about this. But I found that you need to go through services.msc and try to change or alter few changes. You can set to service.mnc option to automatic. Hope you find this useful.

Well , unfortunately the

Well , unfortunately the option you suggested is not working on my system. I tried to set to automatic. But it popped up with error saying "Windows could not start the Windows Firewall services on Local Computer.Error 1068: The dependency services or group failed to start". There I tried to explore more options and found there was an exclamation mark next to Windows Firewall Authorization Driver. Need to find solution on this.

Try following few steps ,

Try following few steps , hope that helps you to solve this issue. All you need to do is download Defogger to your desktop. Then double click to run that tool. Application Window will appear. You need to disable your CD Emulation driver. Then you can Click 'Yes' to continue. DeFogger may ask you to reboot the machine, if it asks you then click 'OK'. Do not re-enable these drivers until otherwise instructed.
>> Then go through Security check. Hope this helps you.

Chhota Bheem
Have you tried to use

Have you tried to use AdwCleaner ? You need to download AdwCleaner on desktop so that is easy to trace and quick to access. Then you need to run AdwCleaner.exe. After running that particular file. Your computer will reboot automatically. This should help you to get rid of your issues. You can also view logFile , which you will find at location C:\AdwCleaner[S1].txt.