Far Cry 3 crosshair issue

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Far Cry 3 crosshair issue

Have been playing the Fry Cry 3 game on my system but I am experiencing some issues with the game. I am using AMD 7850 Stock clock and I have noticed that there is no scope crosshairs in the Far Cry 3 game. Whenever I try to zoom in with the bow or sniper rifles I don't see the red dot that lets me to aim properly. Can you tell me why I am not able to get the crosshairs on the scope?

Chhota Bheem
It seems like you are facing

It seems like you are facing an anti aliasing problem on your Far Cry 3 game. You will have to first go to the AMD Vision Engine control panel where you need to set all the options to be application controlled. You need to also see to it that you are using the Farcry3_d3d11.exe file to run the game rather than the Farcry3.exe. See if this helps you.

Had been facing the same

Had been facing the same crosshair issue on the Far Cry 3 game and I solved it by turning off the widescreen setting in the display option. I have seen many people complaining about this issue and saw a post that claimed that turning off the MSAA and forcing it to work through the control panel of the GPU does solve the issue. Try and see which of these solutions works for you.