ASUS UX32A Fan on and off problem

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ASUS UX32A Fan on and off problem

I recently bought Asus UX32A. It didn't had any problem till i noticed that the fan keeps going on and off , then few seconds later it goes o then off again and keeps repeating. I installed Operating system Windows 7 on the SSD and everything seem to be working. Now I am not sure this issue is related to what ? suggestion will be appreciated.

Have you tried with BIOS

Have you tried with BIOS update. That probably will solve your error. When you restart your computer and press F2 you will be able to change the settings. Here i am providing you the link wher you can update the BIOS ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download UX32A . Hope this will solve your error.

Note one thing that fan stops

Note one thing that fan stops if temperature is below 50°C or fan starts if temperature is above 50°C. Have heard that ASUS have not stored proper control over threshold. I hope they soon look into this matter. Because this is known issue. After this it will be possible to monitor the fan behavior with Fanspeed. You can find more information through this link : Speed Fan.

This is not only the problem

This is not only the problem , there is another problem too. Intel CPU system supports passive cooling mode. Hence of this fans clock rate is throttled if the temperature is to high. This allows a slower but silent use of it. Anyway the ASUS UX32VD throttles the CPU but the fans still start at 50°C instead of an higher temperature like 70°C. The problem is with the model UX32ASUS. Hope they work out with this. If possible try to take help of an expert to replace fan.